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I'm Katrina Ingram. I spent over two decades as a marketer and senior executive in a range of industries. I left my role as a media executive in 2017 to become a grad student which led to the launch of my podcast Back to School Again as well as a master's in communications and technology with a focus on AI and ethics.  

In late 2018 I attended a talk with a prominent AI researcher who shared concerns about how some artificial intelligence was being built and deployed in ways that are unethical and harmful. Afterwards, I asked him who was working on this problem and when he told me not enough people, I signed up to learn more about it. That launched a journey into the world of AI and ethics first as part of my graduate studies and now professionally.

Ethically Aligned AI started as a blog for my graduate research. It's now a company that provides research, education, tools, audits and advisory services to organizations who aspire to build or deploy AI in ways that best align with the values of humanity. We also provide consumer education to help people make better choices about the AI enabled products they consume.






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A thoughtful AI strategy begins with research. We provide a range of services to organizations to help them build an informed approach to the ethical selection and deployment of AI solutions. Katrina remains involved in academic research projects, linking cutting edge academic work to real-world applications.

We offer workshops and education to companies who are interested in using AI in ways that align with societal values and advance social good. We help government, industry and academia connect to their stakeholders in person and through written and audio content.

We provide process, sample and full technical ethics audits to companies who are building and deploying AI solutions. We assemble a unique team of experts with both domain and technical expertise to address your specific needs.




Katrina has recently been featured as a guest speaker with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute course "AI Strategy and Management", the Brenda Strafford School of Nursing course "Healthcare Information and Big Data" and MacEwan University, "Hate Over Health: Understanding Racial Discrimination in the Age of COVID-19".


AI4Society Dialogues is a new podcast that takes you behind the scenes to meet some of the talented researchers who are constructing and using AI in ways that will shape our world. Hosted by Katrina Ingram, the podcast explores how AI will shape society and how society will shape AI. Listen here.


GuARD-AI is a CIFAR funded research team examining the impacts of COVID-19 in Alberta. We're providing research services to this team to support work in investigating virtual care and public health communications.



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