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Ethics Toolkit

How do you make ethics actionable in AI design? We've reviewed over a hundred ethical tools and presented our top 10 choices in a FREE ethics toolkit. The toolkit offers ethical tools that intersect with different stages in the design process. 


Reflections Journal

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AI4Society Podcast

How will AI shape society and how will society shape AI?


AI4Society Dialogues talks to leading researchers across the disciplines at the University of Alberta, a global leader in artificial intelligence research.


Host by Katrina Ingram, CEO of Ethically Aligned AI, the podcast explores how researchers are constructing and using AI in the course of their work and examines opportunities, challenges and concerns as AI becomes an increasingly prevalent aspect of our world.


Listen Online or subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify or SoundCloud.

Journaling can help to develop the capacity for ethical thinking. This journal is the first of its kind - a place to reflect on what it means to design, develop and deploy ethical AI.


It was inspired by a conversation with Alberta Machine Intelligence (Amii) Chief Scientific Advisor and Canada CIFAR AI Chair Dr. Rich Sutton who is a big proponent of writing in a journal.


This journal can be custom branded with your organization's logo on the cover to provide a unique, useful piece of promotional merchandise for team members, clients, board members or workshop participants. 


Contact us for pricing.
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