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Ethical issues in AI require a team based approach. They will not be resolved only by technical staff or with technical solutions alone. Doing this work requires people from across the organization to understand the core issues, to work together to implement solutions and to monitor the results. It requires the support of senior management and board members who have a basic understanding of algorithmic risk and AI governance.


Our AI ethics micro-credential certification is a four-course program that’s delivered online, asynchronously in partnership with PowerED by Athabasca University. It’s designed to meet the needs of working professionals and is designed to meet the needs of individuals with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. 

“This certification is the equivalent of occupational health and safety training for anyone working with digital technologies. It delivers the foundational skills needed to address issues around the ethical development of AI systems.”

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Our new certification is making headlines!

Course 1

AI Ethics: An introduction

Course 2

AI Ethics: Data

Course 3

AI Ethics: Machine Learning Models

Course 4

AI Ethics: Roboethics


We offer half, full or multi-day instructor-led workshops delivered online. These sessions are suitable for small teams such as boards, management teams, research teams or teams tasked with implementing digital initiatives. 


Each bespoke workshop includes:

  • Pre-planning session to identify most salient issues for your organization

  • An overview of the key concepts in AI ethics using our Data, Models, People™ Framework. 

  • Case-based learning scenarios tailored to engage your team. We’ll select the case(s) based on your learning needs. 

  • A workbook for each participant to record individual reflections

  • The Ethically Aligned AI Resource Guide to support your team’s ongoing learning

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