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Ethical issues in AI require a team based approach. They will not be resolved only by technical staff or with technical solutions alone. Doing this work requires people from across the organization to understand the core issues, to work together to implement solutions and to monitor the results. It requires the support of senior management and board members who have a basic understanding of algorithmic risk and AI governance.



We’re on a mission to help organizations apply AI ethics in their organizations. Our team of consultants includes people with academic, industry and government experience. We draw on a wide range of disciplines including philosophy and ethics, AI and data science, the social sciences, law, communications and organizational change management. 


Our consulting teams are assembled on a project basis to ensure the right skill sets are represented to meet your unique needs.



Do you have an audience who wants to learn about AI ethics? 


Katrina Ingram is a seasoned executive who has appeared before dozens of audiences live and virtually. A polished, experienced speaker, she’s equally at home speaking to board members, senior executives, front line staff, academics or students. She’s presented on panels and moderated panels in addition to delivering solo talks. Katrina holds a masters in communications & technology and was recently named to the Women in AI Ethics Top 100 list for 2022.

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