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ChatGPT: Is it for me? New resource for teachers to explore ethical impacts of AI

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

We're excited to update our AI + U video series aimed at helping youth to understand the ethical impacts of AI systems. The latest video about ChatGPT focuses on how generative AI is produced, including the controversial practice of web-scraping. All of the videos in the series are designed to be provocative thought starters and serve as a jumping off point for teachers to engage in thoughtful conversations about AI’s role in society. The original series was produced in late 2021 in collaboration with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association's Education Trust to help support civics education for high school students. Since then, teaching students about how to use AI wisely has become a top priority as ChatGPT and generative AI have left educators scrambling to keep pace with the increased use of AI in the classroom. Our growing societal concerns about AI are a teachable moment. Digital literacy is not only about coding or machine learning. We haven’t done enough to prepare ourselves, especially young people, to understand how to use AI wisely. We need to build our capacity for ethical thinking when it comes to understanding the impacts of AI systems.

All videos in the AI + U series:

Video One: Terminating AI Myths

What is AI? Much of what we think about as AI is fueled by Hollywood sci-fi scenarios but there’s a host of boring but useful AI that powers everyday life. This video demonstrates how the goal posts for what constitutes artificial intelligence are constantly shifting. Thus, we never seem to “arrive” at AI – it’s always just a little bit out of reach.

Video Two: Are you being searched?

Surveillance capitalism is a business model that is fueled by data and powered by AI. It underpins many of the big tech companies and in this business model, whoever has the most data wins. What does this mean for you?

Video Three: How do machines learn?

From data to training models, we’ll unpack how machine learning really takes place. You may be surprised to learn just how much human decision making goes into artificial intelligence.

Video Four: Is your doorbell racist?

Surveillance technologies like video enabled doorbells using facial recognition are increasingly being used in ways that are incredibly invasive. Is your smart doorbell contributing to a surveillance culture that can have harmful, inequitable outcomes for some people? Yes, it is.

Video Five: Your toaster is the weakest link!

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for people as we rush towards embracing a world of smart connected homes and appliances – from toothbrushes to toasters. Your phone may be securely kept up to date with the latest operating system patches, but your toaster…not so much.

Video Six: Being smarter about using your smartphone

Smartphones have only been around for just over a decade, yet they’ve become indispensable – connecting us to virtually everything we need. But…there is a downside to our phones and if we’re not careful, we leave ourselves and our contacts exposed to many privacy issues. How can we be smarter about how we use our smartphones? Video Seven: ChatGPT: Is it for me?

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, signing up over 100 million users in just a few months. But chatbots are not new, so what makes ChatGPT different? Generative AI is a new type of AI technology that is the foundation for ChatGPT. Generative AI also raises ethical and legal questions about data collection and the societal impacts of developing a technology that could displace human labour. All of these videos (and more) are available on Ethically Aligned AI's Youtube channel and are freely available for educators to use.

CityNews Edmonton's Adrienne South paid us a visit to talk about the video series.

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